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Wealth Inequality in America

By Politizane [2013]

Video: Wealth Inequality in America

The creator of this video is a YouTube user who goes by the pseudonym “Politizane” or “Z”. He is a freelance filmmaker “living and working in a red state (Texas)” who is staying anonymous in order avoid losing clients or jobs due to “a vague political affiliation.”

The video is based on a chart that was created by Mother Jones based on polling data put together by Dan Ariely and Michael L. Norton, which illustrates Americans’ mistaken expectations of wealth distribution vs the harsh realities. For the video, Z visualized the disparity with the use of After Effects.

According to Mother Jones, the video, “Wealth Inequality in America” is his only politically minded video so far. “These issues are simply things I think (and perhaps angst) about in my spare time,” Z wrote. “The really incredible thing for me is the simple fact that people are now talking about these issues…So it’s pretty neat to open some eyes and get people thinking.”

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