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TV and Movies

My 25 Favorite Actors and Their Movies

Here are my favorite actors and their movies.

Best Documentaries and Documentary-Style Movies

Here are my favorite documentaries and docudramas

Best Movies Year-by-Year

Here is a year-by-year list of the top movies from 1995 – 2018.

Cable TV Options

Thinking about doing some comparison shopping for cable TV options?  It’s a nightmare.  Here’s a spreadsheet to get you started.  Prices and availability shown are for the north Dallas area in 2019.  (Note:  If you’re actually shopping around, make sure you confirm with the carrier any information in this spreadsheet that’s important to you.  Caveat emptor!).

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Why don’t they just say “Avenger movies”?  Since it’s the top grossing movie franchise of all time ($18.9 billion), I felt compelled to list them here.  Full disclosure:  I’m not a big fan of the series and have only seen 8-9 of them, I think.  IMDB rates most of them pretty mediocre.  Half  of them (11) are rated 7.3 or lower.  Even Black Panther was rated only 7.3.  I did really like the two Guardian movies.  But then I think I’d like anything with Chris Pratt.

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