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My Top 20 Solo Pianists

I enjoy New Age piano music.  All of my favorite artists fall into that genre.  I think.  The problem is that it’s hard to define New Age music.  And some of the artists on my list were performing well before New Age was even a thing.  Anyway, here is my current Top 20:

1. Jon Schmidt
2. Robin Spielberg
3. Jane Leslie
4. Kevin Kern
5. Silvard
6. George Winston
7. Yanni
8. Paul Cardall
9. David Nevue
10. Rolf Løvland (Secret Garden)
11. Emile Pandolfi
12. Tim Janis
13. Matthew Cook
14. David Lanz
15. Yiruma
16. Laura Sullivan
17. Gary Stadler
18. Mike Strickland
19. David Combs
20. Joe Bongiorno

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