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No, Vaccine Mandates Aren’t an Attack on Freedom, by Paul Krugman

Covid-19 is sticking around. Time to stop pretending it’s not your problem., by Eugene Robinson

They Shunned Covid Vaccines but Embraced Antibody Treatment, by Benjamin Mueller

Angry at the unvaccinated? Here’s a better way, by Peter Bregman and Howard Jacobson

What to Do With Our Covid Rage, by Sarah Smarsh

Get Vaccinated. Get Masked. It’s the Only Way Out of This., by The New York Times Editorial Board

Biden’s Covid-19 Plan Is Maddeningly Obvious, by Ezra Klein

It Has Come to This: Ignore the C.D.C., by Harold Varmus and Rajiv Shah

At the Republican National Convention, You Might Think COVID-19 Was Over, by Tessa Berenson and Brian Bennett

The Unemployed Stare Into the Abyss. Republicans Look Away., by Paul Krugman

The Cult of Selfishness Is Killing America, by Paul Krugman

Questions for Reopening Schools, author unknown

Editorial Facebook Post, author unknown

Which activities put you at the greatest risk, by Megan Vanselow

The Only Way To Save The Economy Is To Stop The Pandemic, Disease Expert Laurie Garrett Says, by Robin Young and Samantha Raphelson

‘Every American Should Be Outraged’ Says Pandemic Expert About Government Response, by Robin Young and Allison Hagan

We Know How to Beat the Virus. This Is How Republicans Can Do It., by Will Wilkinson and Puja Ohlhaver

The Second Great Depression, by Anne Lowrey

U.S. Response to COVID-19 is Worse than China’s. 100 Times Worse., Gavin Yamey and Dean T. Jamison

The Risks – Know Them – Avoid Them, by Erin Bromage

We Are Living in a Failed State, by George Packer

She Predicted the Coronavirus. What Does She Foresee Next?, by Frank Bruni

Stocks Are Recovering While the Economy Collapses. That Makes More Sense Than You’d Think., by Zachary Karabell

The Tax-Break Bonanza Inside the Economic Rescue Package, by Jesse Drucker

“I’m The President, And You’re Fake News”: Donald Trump Lashes Out As He Calls For Testing Injections Of UV Rays, Disinfectants To Kill Coronavirus, by Ted Johnson

Here are the innovations we need to reopen the economy, by Bill Gates

A mysterious blood-clotting complication is killing coronavirus patients, by Ariana Eunjung Cha

Restarting America Means People Will Die. So When Do We Do It?, by The New York Times Magazine

Treat, Test, Plan, Build, Reopen, by Mark Halperin

Five Takeaways on What Trump Knew as the Virus Spread, by Michael D. Shear

Congress Needs a Plan to Confront the Coronavirus. I Have One., by Elizabeth Warren

Stupid Kills: The 5 Worst GOP Governors’ Responses to COVID-19, by Philip Rotner

The worst president. Ever., by Max Boot

Analyzing the Patterns in Trump’s Falsehoods About Coronavirus, by Linda Qiu

Job Vacancies and Inexperience Mar Federal Response to Coronavirus, by Jennifer Steinhauer and Zolan Kanno-Youngs

A Cruel Motive for a Costly Delay, by The New York Times Editorial Board

A Facebook post from our PCP, by Nicolle Block, MD

I ran the White House pandemic office. Trump closed it., by Beth Cameron

How to Avoid Complete Economic Destruction, by The New York Times Editorial Board

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