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I use a Google Spreadsheets for pretty much everything in my life.  Including my calendar.   If you’re interested, you’re welcome to look at a “sanitized” version of my calendar.

Before you check out my sample calendar, though, I should warn you:  I can be pretty anal when I want to be.  When it comes to calendars, I want to be.  My calendar is not just a calendar.  It’s also my to-do list.  And a log.  (Maybe I should say a “captain’s log”?  That sounds really cool.  But a bit pretentious.  Ok, forget it).

Here is a “sanitized” version.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.

If you’re as big of a nerd as I am (it’s unlikely), you might be curious about some of the conventions I use.  I’ll explain them.  But first I’d suggest that you move the calendar and the “instructions” to different browser windows so that you can easily alt-tab between them.

Here are the “instructions”.

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