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Trump on the Iraq War

When pressed on his comments in 2002 supporting the war, Trump threw this out:

Well, what I mean by that is it almost shouldn’t have been done. And you know, I really don’t even know what I mean, because that was a long time ago, and who knows what was in my head. I think that it wasn’t done correctly. In retrospect, it shouldn’t have been done at all. It was sort of, you know, it was just done. It was just, we dropped bombs. Now if you look back, actually, that was probably the correct way of doing it, not going in, and not upsetting, giving them a lesson or not. I mean, I think Senior actually did a pretty good job of what he was doing. He went in, he taught them a lesson. What happened is he was taunted. Because Saddam Hussein was saying, “We drove back the Americans. The ugly Americans were driven back, the power of Iraq, the power.”

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