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Trump Claims Voter Fraud

By Ron Hargrove

Trump is right about people going out to their car, putting on disguises, and voting multiple times.

I saw one guy vote 8 times, each time with a different hat on. First it was a simple ball cap. Then a beret, then a derby. Those were followed by a top hat, a football helmet, an old-time pilot’s leather helmet with goggles, a chef’s toque and finally an Australian cowboy hat with the brim on one side pointing up. As if all that wasn’t enough of an outrage, he voted yet again with NO hat. Just Groucho Marx glasses. You know, with the bushy eyebrows and mustache.

And this is happening all over the country. This has to stop. Our very democracy depends on catching and stopping these serial hat voters.

Here’s an article in Newsweek.

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