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Matt Whitaker’s Bio


1995:           Received law degree from University of Iowa.

1995-2002:  Worked for several regional law firms and for part of this time was

corporate counsel for a national grocery company, SuperValu.

2002:           Ran for state treasurer (lost).

2003:           Started his own business, By The Yard Concrete.

2004-2009:  Appointed U. S. Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa by

President Bush “in spite of Whitaker’s minimal relevant legal experience”.

2009-2017:  Managing partner of a small general practice law firm in Iowa.

2014:           Ran for US Senate (lost).

2017:           CNN contributor

2017-2018:  Appointed Chief of Staff for Jeff Sessions by the White House.

2018:           Appointed Acting Attorney General in spite of minimal relevant legal



Disreputable activities

  • As a U.S. Attorney in Iowa was responsible for the unsuccessful 3-year investigation and prosecution of Iowa State Sen. Matt McCoy, a gay, liberal Democrat, on charges of attempting to extort $2000.  The case “… was based on the word of a man former associates depicted as a drug user, a deadbeat and an abuser of women; a man so shady even his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsors called him ‘a pathological liar.'” The jury took less than two hours to return a verdict of “not guilty”.
  • In 2016, Whitaker’s company MEM Investment failed to deliver on a contracted renovation of an apartment building. The city of Des Moines terminated the loan agreement.  Lincoln Savings Bank declared MEM in default of the $687,000 mortgage. And the property was sold to another developer for completion.
  • In 2014, Whitaker joined the board of World Patent Marketing (WPM) which was a fraudulent invention promotion firm based in Florida that deceived inventors into thinking that the company had successfully commercialized other inventions.  In March 2017, the FTC charged the company with fraudulently deceiving consumers and suppressing complaints through intimidation and the use of gag clauses. In May 2018, a federal court ordered the company to close and pay a $26 million fine.


Source: Wikipedia

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