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How to fix “dead” keyboard

After a reboot I have been getting a “dead” keyboard, in which none of the keys work. Here’s how I fix it…

1. After a reboot there are 3 icons at the bottom right of the screen. The middle of the three is one that says something about accessibility if you hover the cursor over it. Click it and in the pop-up window that gets displayed, select “On-screen keyboard”.
2. Now click in the Search field at the bottom left of the screen and use the on-screen keyboard to enter “Device Manager”.
3. The Device Manager window will open showing the list of devices.
4. Find “Keyboards” and expand it.
5. Right click on “Standard PS/2 keyboard” and select “Uninstall device”.
6. When asked if you want to restart the computer, select “Yes”.

After the reboot, the keyboard should work again.

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