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Gun control (John Donohue)

Here are key points from “It’s Going to Take More Than Background Checks and AR-15 Bans to Stop Mass Shootings”, by John Donohue, a law professor at Stanford University.

We need changes to how we address mass shootings:

  1. Prevention
    1. Increased efforts to ensure that those who act violently and abuse firearms are quickly prosecuted and stripped of their weapons.
    2. Those with information relevant to triggering red-flag laws should act with urgency to effectuate those protections.
    3. Require that gun licenses have to be renewed annually.
  2. Minimize the killing
    1. Restrict high-capacity magazines
    2. Ban AR-15s

Gun control laws do not solve the problem entirely, but they make a difference.  For example, California’s laws have limited its rate of mass shootings to half that of a more gun-friendly state like Florida.

Here’s the article.

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