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Configuring Our Thermostat Sensors

Our downstairs thermostat can be controlled by (a) the master bedroom sensor only, (b) the hallway sensor only, or (c) the average of the two sensors. This only matters on cold nights when the master bedroom door is closed. This combination causes the upstairs to overheat (78-80 degrees when upstairs and downstairs thermostats are set to 72), if only the master bedroom sensor is being used, i.e. option (a) above. So that configuration is not useful.

Follow these instructions on the thermostat in the master bedroom to change between options (b) and (c) above:

Menu –> Service –> Technician Access (press and hold this for 5 seconds)

Proceed –> Indoor Sensor Setup

For a 50-50 split:

Press Comfortlink II –> Assign –> Done

For the hallway sensor only:

Press Comfortlink II –> Unassign –> Done

Back –> Home

Note: “Comfortlink II” is the name of the master bedroom sensor. “Dining” is the name of the hallway sensor.

BTW, Nathan said not to mess with any other settings because I could really screw things up!

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